Adopt a family gift/food donations

With your help, there are many households we can reach out to at Christmas. Visiting each family at Christmas gives the opportunity to share the love and truth of Christ in a tangible way.  Please send any of the following items in order to adopt a family this Christmas, or look below to see the list of food items needed to fill a food box. All donations should be sent to Sacred Road Ministries, 14531 Pumphouse Road, White Swan, WA 98952 by December 10.



• Blankets for children or adults
• Towels
• Dishtowels
• Sports balls
• Art /Coloring supplies
• Calendar
• Hair dryer/straightener/ headbands/ pony tail holders
• Winter accessories
• Men's Women's gloves
• Earrings/Lotions/perfumes
• Christmas lights


• Flour
• Sugar
• Cake mix and icing
• Coffee/black tea
• Juice
• Stove top stufing
• Canned vegetables
• Canned fruit
• Jello
• Pumpkin pie mix
• Mac and cheese
• Spaghetti sauce
• Pasta
• Potatoes
• Evaporated milk
• Candy canes
• Corn bread mix
• Baking powder
• Vegetable oil
• Oranges/clementines


I would like to make a food/gift donation