The Team

The Granberrys

Chris, Mary, Ann Marie, Beth, Morgan and David moved to the reservation in June 2003 with the desire to love and serve "our first neighbors" well. Ordained by the Pacific Northwest Presbytery in June 2008, Chris serves as Team Leader and Pastor for the team and church plant. Mary oversees food prep for Hope Fellowship and short term teams as well as hospitality and mercy ministries.

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Veronica Vasquez

Veronica moved to the reservation in the Fall of 2007. Veronica is the administrative assistant to Chris. She also serves as the primary contact for summer teams.

Phone: 253-315-1833

The Clevengers

Chuck, Neena and Asha moved to the reservation in February 2009. Isaac arrived a few months later. Chuck serves as Youth Director. Neena plans on helping with a tutoring program as it grows and Isaac gets a little older.

Phone: 509-388-3669
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Heather Henry

Heather moved to the reservation in February of 2009. Heather coordinates the Youth After School Program. She also mentors a number of teenage girls in the youth group.

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  Joshua Tsavatewa

Joshua moved to the reservation in the Summer of 2010. Joshua serves as Children's Ministry Coordinator. He plans to go for ordination in January 2019.

Phone: 509-930-0100
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The Dempsens

The Dempsens (Jesse, Sarah, Adelaide, and Amelia) moved to the reservation in October 2011.  Jesse is coordinating our after school tutoring program.

Phone: 509-930-9142
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The Maxfields

The Maxfields (Darren, Susie, Emily, and Rachel) moved to the reservation in March 2015, with the desire to love and serve our first neighbors well. Darren is Director of Economic Development and runs Swan Graphics, a vocational training program, with Susie.   

Phone: (509) 930-6513

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The Nails

The Nails (Zack, Tollie, and Zeke) moved to the reservation in 2016.  Zack will be leading short term work groups, helping Chuck with the youth group activities and providing direct care for Yakama children in their home. Tollie will be taking care of Zeke, Yakama children and assisting Zack in his roles.

Phone: (601) 398-7500
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Emily Ann Bachand



Trey Belisario

Evan and Holly Shaw

Kealen Farris


Part Time Staff:

Jade Tillequots

Tionna Tillequots

Tsennibah Piel

Stephen Hert

  Jiron Lopez

Philip Stevens

The Sacred Road Board of Directors:

Mark Dix, Chairman | Ruling Elder, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Issaquah, WA

Steven O'Ban | Ruling Elder, Faith Presbyterian Church, Tacoma, WA

Stephen Meerdink | Treasurer, Trinity Church (CREC), Kirkland, WA 

Don Mellott | Ruling Elder, Faith Presbyterian Church, Tacoma, WA

Rev. Wilson Shirley | Pastor, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, AL

Rev. Fred Marsh | Assoc. Coordinator, Mission to North American (PCA), Lawrenceville, NC

Rev. Mike Higgins | Pastor, South City Church, St. Louis, MO

Rev. Huron Claus | CHIEF (Christian Hope Indian Eskimo Fellowship), Phoenix, AZ

Scott Hannah | Director, Quest Recreation Outreach, Birmingham, AL